The Solus Order


" Guard, Protect, and Preserve."
- Declaration of the Solus Order

The Solus Order were the guardians of peace and justice in the days of old. They were set into power by Chancellor Thoran Gray and helped force law and order during the fall of the King Alrik Ironfist regime. The Solus Order were great knights. They rode griffins high above the clouds and wielded masterful swords called sunblades. They were elite warriors who sought out and diminished all evil.

These unique individuals are called Sols. Talented beings with powerful insight destined for greatness. Self-sacrificing, strong willed, and pure intentions are defining traits of such. A Sol would soar around the empire and resolve conflicts, handle diplomatic affairs for their city, and unite forces in times of need.

A Sol is recognizable not only by their garb, but their attitude. They usually dress in cloaks of their native region. A Sol from Serkova resembles the harsh and dark cold while a Sol from Zabad might strut in a warm, flowing cape. They stand confident with the Solus Star around their neck. A medallion of access and authority, and their radiant sunblade at their side acting as a wondrous companion. The Solus Order ruled the land for a short period of time as a symbol of pride for the human race.

Sol of Azmar

Sol of Serkova

Sol of Zabad

The rain of defeat drizzled upon the camp of King Alrik. Giant duraks laid in rest as their operators left their beaten machines unguided. Deserting their post in fear of the enemy. In fear of their commander. The Ironfist campaign was finally coming to an end. Yes, defeat was raining upon the dwarven army. Their conquers were closing in and the sound of wind blowing through the dark clouds could be heard. The silhouette of a majestic griffin flew high above the battle. Its rider’s face glowed bright has he raised a blazing sword and let out a loud war cry. The mighty hero Thoran lead men out of dwarf tyranny that day and into a new era.
- from the book LEGENDS & WAR

Chancellor Thoran Gray was a man among men. He formed the Solus Order after the war. They were needed to supervise the fall of King Alrik’s rule and hunt down the last loyal remnants of his iron regime. He hand picked his most trusted and skilled leaders to join the new order. With time the human empire grew. A now older Thoran came into power and appointed the Solus Order as the kingdom’s official guardians.


Many youth aspire to one day fly their own winged beast and carve out daring adventures as brave knights. Protecting the empire from evil and becoming a song children will praise. Only many don’t make it through the difficult trials that on occasion lead to death. Few stand out as seekers. Seekers are apprentices and contenders that strive for knighthood. Once they past training they are to steal a griffin egg from the Mount of Sorrows. Raising and bonding with the creature is another difficult task with a low survival rate. Becoming a Sol is achieved through an act. This act may take years for some, but happens when a Seeker proves himself by overcoming his darkness. It might be a spiritual battle within or a physical encounter. He who triumphs over his inner darkness is then presented with a magical sunblade and honored as a Sol of the Solus Order.

The Solus Order

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